AspEdit manual      Export dialog box


  • Select how certain data fields will be exported. The OpenAir format isn't a real standard, various glider computer manufacturers use different record types. Via the controls in this dialog box, you can configure the OpenAir file to be compatible with your glider computer.
  • Select which areas are to be exported in the OpenAir file or Google KMLfile, in function of
    • The class
    • The activity
    • The bottom level


Via the File - Save as menu command.


  • If "Expand airways" is selected, airways will be defined by its boundary points, as a list of "DP" records.  If it is not selected, airways will be defined by "V W=X" and "DY" records.
  • "Copy from map" will copy the the Top, Class and Activity fields from map settings.
  • For expanded circles (eg in airways), the resolution as set in Map settings will always be used.
  • "Rotate clockwise" will force the sequence of the points of all areas in the exported file such that the sense of rotation of the areas is clockwise. This is necessary for certain types of shape filling. The GCA requires this setting
  • All airspace with a bottom level above the given value for "top" will not be exported.
  • Via the "export type" and "export activities" fields, you can determine which areas will be included in the OpenAir file. You can use this function to create different OpenAir files, containing different situations, for example military ON and military OFF, or a separate file containing all areas "by NOTAM".
    Note: You can deselect individual airspace areas for export via the area dialog box for that area: untick the "Export" check box.