AspEdit manual      Map settings dialog box


  • Select which areas are to be displayed on the map, in function of:
    • The class
    • The activity
    • The bottom level
  • Set the precision of circles drawn or the map.  This precision will be used for export as well.


Via the Settings - Map menu command.


Use the controls as desired.  The map will be adapted immediately, before the dialog is closed.


  • You can use the map settings dialog box to help check airspace areas.  eg. select only class D airspace: you will have an overview of all class D airspace areas.
    You can use the "Filter list to map" toolbar button to filter the list to class D airspace as well.

  • If you want to filter airspace areas in the exported OpenAir file, you can set the filter in the map settings dialog box, check the results on the map / in the list, and then use the "copy from map settings" button in the OpenAir Export dialog box.