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  • Download the package via the button below.

    Current version: 1.05, september 9, 2019


  • Unpack the zip into any folder, except a Windows read-only folder, such as Program files. If you use these, AspEdit will not be able to write to the xml files.
  • Make sure you maintain the directory structure as in the zip file, otherwise the context-sensitive help won't function.
  • If desired, create a desktop manually by dragging the file AspEdit.exe to your desktop while holding the Alt key pressed. Make sure the exe file is not removed from the AspEdit folder.


    Just remove the AspEdit folder and the desktop icon from your computer. AspEdit doesn't touch the registry of your computer in any way.

Beta version

    When a new version contains a lot of changes, or when the changes could affect the stability of AspEdit, a Beta version will be released first. After a few months, the Beta version will be released as a final version.
    The Beta version may have some major bugs, or certain features might not work as expected. So use with care...

    In order to find out what's wrong and how to improve problems, please provide feedback on

    You can download the beta versionVia the link below.
    Current version: 1.06 Beta 03, dated march 28, 2020


    Install / uninstall the same way as the release version.
    To revert to another version, overwrite the existing version on your computer with the other version, and manually delete the fiel "AspEdit.ini".