yes CheckIGC


CheckIGC is a freeware uitility allowing to perform the validation of a batch of IGC files recorded by various loggers. Easy to configure via a dialog box, and easy to use without graphical user interface from the command line or from any scripting language.


  • Download the package via the button below.

    Current version: 1.1, december 23, 2019


  • Unpack the zip file into any folder, except a Windows read-only folder, such as Program Files. If you use such a folder, CheckIGC will not be able to write some required files.
  • If desired, create a desktop manually by dragging the file CeckEdit.exe to your desktop while holding down the Alt key. Make sure the exe file is not inadvertently removed from the CheckIGC folder.


Just remove the CheckIGC folder and the desktop icon from your computer. CheckIGC doesn't touch the registry of your computer in any way.