AspEdit manual      NOTAM Filter


Specify a filter for the import of NOTAM's. The filter allows to select type of NOTAM's and NOTAM subjects.
The filter for activity times is not done via this function, but via the NOTAM Setup dialog box, that pops up automatically upon NOTAM import.

The filter is set via the text file "NOTAM_Filter.txt", that can be edited manually via any text editor.
If desired, the filter can be reset to default from AspEdit via the NOTAM Setup dialog box.

The filter is using the Q-record of the NOTAM. For details on the Q-record, see ICAO doc 8126 chapter 6 appendix A.

The default filter is optimised for use in soaring

Editing the filter

General rules

  • Do not edit the lines ending with a ':' character
  • The filter for each element can be listed on several lines. The lines are joined until a blank line is encountered. So don't include blank lines within a single filter, and make sure there is a blank line before the next filter element.

Defining filters

  • Q-Code exclude.
    The Q-record of a NOTAM contains a NOTAM code. It consists of 5 characters: a 'Q', then two characters indicating the subject of the NOTAM, then two characters containing a subject-specific code.
    Subject codes are listed in ICAO doc 8126 Chapter 6 appendix B, or else in ICAO doc 8400.
    All subject codes listed under "Q-code exclude" of the filter will be disregarded.
  • Q-Code include.
    All subjects listed here will be be considered for inclusion in the NOTAM, depending on other filter settings and the requested time frame.
    If a subject code is given in both the exclude and include filters, an error message will be generated, and the default settings will be used.
    If during processing a subject code is encountered that is not included in either exclude or include, a warning message will be issued, and the subject will be included.
  • Q-Cancellation codes:
    The last two characters of the NOTAM code are subject-specific, but certain are standard for all subjects. These are mostly cancellation codes. All NOTAM codes with the last two characters in the list given here will be disregarded.
  • Traffic include:
    Indicate which type of traffic has to be included:
    • I: IFR only
    • V: VFR only
    • IV: IFR & VFR (VI works as well)
  • Purpose include:
    Indicate which NOTAM purpose has to be included:
    • N: NOTAM selected for the immediate attention of aircraft operators
    • B: NOTAM selected for PIB entry
    • O: NOTAM concerning flight operations
    • M: Miscellaneous NOTAM; not subject for a briefing, but it is available on request
    • K: Checklist

    You can specify any combination, eg "NBO". The sequence of characters is irrelevant (eg "ONB" and "BNO" are both valid)