AspEdit manual      NOTAM setup dialog box


Select settings for the import of NOTAM's.


This dialog box automatically pops up when importing a NOTAM.


  • Link to airspace
    select the airspace area for which the NOTAM's are valid.
    This has two purposes:
    • Include airspace areas that are refered to in the NOTAM by their name: AspEdit will look for the area in the linked file and copy the area in the generated output.
    • Use the default border specified in the linked file for all "along border" definitions encountered in the source NOTAM file.
    In order for these functions to work correctly, the NOTAM source file should be limited to include data for a single FIR only.
  • Valid from / valid to
    Select the requested start and end date & time. All NOTAM's that are not active within the selected interval will be disregarded.
  • Highest level
    All NOTAM's with a bottom level above the value given here are disregarded.
  • Verbose level
    Select the output in the generated text file:
    • 1: Only relevant areas are shown.
      Relevant means: meeting the requirements selected in this dialog box + meeting the filter requirements.
    • 2: Relevant areas + error messages (standard setting)
    • 3: 1 + 2 + debug output.
  • Include all NOTAM's
    Normally, only active + relevant NOTAM's will be included in the output. When this option is ticked, all NOTAM's will be included, regardless of filter and activity time settings.
    Confirmation will be asked.
  • Reset filter settings to default