AspEdit manual      Country dialog box


Edit a country file, contained in the Borders folder.


By clicking on a country while the List is in country mode.


  • The list shows all the points of the country.
  • The points are numbered, the numbers are displayed on the map.
  • A cursor is drawn on the map at the position of the selected point.
  • Use the buttons at the top to add, insert or delete points. Adding / Inserting is done via the Block dialog box.
  • Edit a point by double clicking on it. The Edit point dialog box will open
  • "Copy" will copy the highlighted point to the clipboard. You can than paste the point in the block or point dialog boxes.
    This function is useful:
    • for closing the shape (the start and end points must be the same)
    • To edit "Common borders with 3 or more countries", see country for a description of the issue.