AspEdit manual      List dialog box

The list is permanently displayed at the right of  the map.



Select the type of data to be displayed in the list.

Default units:

For airspace areas: These are the units that will be used initially when a new area is created.  Changing the default units will have no effect on existing areas.  Set the units for existing areas via the Area dialog box, for each area individually.
For other types: sets the units used in the list.


Only areas / navaids / watpoints  / countries with the given filter string at any place in their name will be listed.
When the "Filter list to map" toolbar button is activated  (see Map), the Filter control is deactivated, and the list will only contain items currently displayed on the map.

Show areas containing errors

Only airspace areas containing errors detected by AspEdit will be shown in the list. This allows to easily identify all affected areas.


Sort the list as selected. The left combo box defines the primary sort, the right combo box the secondary sort. The secondary sort will be applied for items with the sam primary sort value.


Create a new area / navaid / waypoint  / country


Delete the area / navaid / watpoins  / country that is highlighted in the list.  Confirmation will be asked


Contains all areas / navaids / waypoints / countries.
When the map filter toolbar button is seleted, only those areas / navaids / waypoints / countries displayed on the currently selected map area will be listed.

The selected area / navaid / waypoint / country will be highlighted on the map.
If switched on via menu item "Settings - Area properties", the properties of the highlighted area are listed in a separate box.
Start editing by double-clicking an item in the list.