AspEdit manual      Waypoint dialog box


Add / insert / edit a single waypoint.
To enter multiple waypoints at once, use the Block function.


  • Via the Add fix dialog box, to create a new waypoint,
  • By double clicking on an existing waypoint in the List.


  • Enter the name of the waypointin the name field.  Waypoint names must be 5 characters long.

  • Either use the latitude and longitude fields to enter the values separately, or use the Lat / Lon field to enter both at once.
    • Tip: use the copy / paste function: copy the coordinates from the aeronautical publication, and paste them in the Lat / Lon field.
    • See coordinate conventions for rules concerning coordinate formatting.
    • Always double check the result in the field below the Lat / Lon field.  eg. If the Lat / Lon field can't handle a separator, it may be required to paste latitude and longitude separately in the respective fields.