AspEdit manual      Export

Airspace can be exported to OpenAir format via the "File - Save as" menu command.  In the file type field, select "OpenAir files (*.txt)".
After that, the OpenAir export dialog box will open, allowing to select various settings.

Exported areas:

The OpenAir export dialog box allows to set a filter for which areas will be exported, and which won't.  However, areas for which the "Export" field in the Area dialog box is not ticked will never be exported.
Those areas are drawn in light color on the map.

The areas are sorted according to class.

Multiple OpenAir files can be generated from the same basic data.  For example you can export to a file containing all areas, and to another file containing only areas that are active during weekends.

File header

The header of the OpenAir file contains:
  • A general header,
  • The authors name.  Set via Settings - Author.
  • Optional authors comments, also set via Settings - Author.
  • Information about the selections made in the Export dialog box.
  • The last edit date of the data in the file.
  • Last editing information of every area included in the file.