AspEdit manual      Description

AspEdit is a freeware airspace editor, designed to facilitate as much as possible the generating of airspace data files to be used in aviation sports utilities, such as glider computers.

The user remains responsible to verify the correctness of all data entered into and generated by AspEdit.  The author declines any liability regarding the correctness of the data, or the consequences of their use.

It offers several powerful editing features such as:
  • Versatile coordinate formats, see Coordinates
  • Importing of blocks of multiple coordinates and shapes in a single operation ( see the Import Block dialog box)
  • Definition of circles, see Circles
  • Definition of “along the border of XXX” segments, see Borders
  • Definition of "along paralle" segments, see Parallel function
  • Definition of Airways using navaids / waypoints.
  • Adding or subtracting areas to / from another area, see Shapes

The map display shows the edits, and has some additional features.

The data are stored in a xml file, using proprietary tags.  The xml file is designed to store as much as possible data, eg frequencies and activity times.
Although it is possible to edit the xml file manually or by using any xml editor, it is advised not to do so.  If the formatting of the tags is not strictly adhered to, data loss may occur.

Data can be exported into OpenAir format.  Which data will be exported depends upon the settings made in the Export dialog box.

Data can be imported from OpenAir format.