AspEdit manual      Version info

Version 1.05   -   21/08/2019

  • User interface
    • Changed functionality of the mouse dragging function: moving the mouse while the left mouse button is pressed will move the map position, rather than selecting an area, as was the case before.
    • Changed airspace area selection function via the mouse:
      • Before, you needed to click on the edge of an area. Now clicking on the map will show a list of all airspace areas that are present at the mouse position.
      • The list of airspace airspace areas at the mouse position allows to select an area. Press the escape keyboard button to remove the list without selecting an area.
    • A red cross marks the selected area if the area is too small to be clearly distinguished on the map
    • Map top level included in the status bar.
  • Functionality:
    • New function NOTAM import.
    • Possibility to select a default border that will be used for the add shape - block input function.
    • OpenAir import:
      • Setting airspace type to "CTA" if type not specified. This will be included in the import report file.
      • Automatic closing of shapes.
  • Bug fix:
    • OpenAir import: class D airspace was imported as "Danger".
    • Various minor bug corrections.

Version 1.04   -   08/03/2019

  • User interface
    • A progress bar shows the progress of file import and file closing.
    • New button in the list: "Show areas containing errors". This allows to easily identify all affected areas.
  • Import from open air:
    • The Swiss database now includes cables, which are not supported by most soaring computers and which will increase the processing time of the import way beyond practical.
      AspEdit offers the option to skipp all cables upon import.
    • In most OpenAir files, airways are defined by boundary points rather than by center fixes. This causes a compatibility issue with the AspEdit airways defintion method. Therefore, airways defined by boundary points will automatically receive type property "CTA" upon import, rather than "Airway".
    • Improved airspace type detection from AN field.
  • Bug fix:
    • Corrected a bug that could cause a crash upon opening a file.

Version 1.03   -   23/01/2019

  • Export to open air:
    • New option "Rotate clockwise": forces clockwise rotation of all shapes. This is required for the correct drawing in certain soaring computers
    • New option "GCA defaults": use optimum settings for the GCA soaring computer
  • The airspace area list can be sorted. The left sort selection is the primary sort, the right is the secondary sort.
  • Bug fix
    • Map circle precision was not saved.
    • Export to OpenAir activity listbox used wrong strings
  • Area edit dialog box
    • New button "Clear": clears the shape definition
    • New button "Update timestamp"
    • Numbering of the points in the shape list and on the map, so it is easy to see which point on the map corresponds with which point in the list
  • Edit point / circle / border dialog boxes: new button "select from map": possibility to enter a point from the map using the mouse.
  • Add element dialog box: "poly-point" replaced by "block"
  • "Import poly-point" dialog replaced by "Import block"
    Can now automatically import points, arcs, circles, border segments, waypoints, navaids.
    Tested on a few AIP's only. Formatting / wording in certain AIP's could cause issues, please report.
  • New autosave function: an autosave will be performed every 15 minutes. The status bar shows the time of the last autosave.
    The autosave is written as an "xas" file.

Version 1.02

  • Bug fix

Version 1.01

  • Bug fix

Version 1.0

  • Original version