AspEdit manual      Circle dialog box


Add / insert / edit a circle or a circle segment.




Either use the latitude and longitude fields to enter the values separately, or use the Lat / Lon fields to enter both at once.
Tip: use the copy / paste function: copy the coordinates from the aeronautical publication, and paste them in the Lat / Lon field.
The format of the coordinates is permissive.  Also the separator between the latitude and longitude is permissive.
Always double check the result in the static field, below the end point area.  eg. If the Lat / Lon field can't handle a separator, it may be required to paste latitude and longitude separately in the respective fields.

Full circles

A full circle can be defined by giving the center point and the radius.
It can also be defined by defining a segment, while the start point and end point are the same.

Circle segments

At least one element must be defined before the circle in the Area dialog box.  The last point of it will be used as the starting point of the circle segment.
Specify the center point, either manually or by pasting.
The radius field should be left "Auto".  The radius will be calculated from the distance between center to start and center to end. If a radius is given, it is ignored.
"Clockwise" will specify which part of the circle will be drawn. Check the result on the map, invert the selection if required.