AspEdit manual      Element dialog box


Select the type of element to be added to an airspace area


Via the Area dialog box, upon using the add or insert buttons.
If the Type of area is "Airway", the Airway width / fix dialog box will open, rather than the element dialog box.


  • Block: add / insert a block

  • Point: add / insert a new single point

  • Circle: add / insert a circle or circle segment

  • Border segment: add / insert a boundary segment of another area or a country.

  • Along parallel: add / insert a loxodromic segment along a geographical parallel

  • Invert rotation: add / insert an "invert rotation" element.
    An invert rotation element may be used for adding / subtracting shapes. A shape can be added or subtracted, but in some cases it may be easier to invert the sense of rotation of a shape beforehand. The invert rotation function inverts the rotation of the shape (or combination of shapes) before the invert rotation command. It does not affect any elements below it.

  • Rotate 180°: add / insert a "rotate 180°" element.
    An rotate 180° element may be used for adding / subtracting shapes. In some cases the adding /subtracting function can have multiple solutions, it is possible that AspEdit selects the wrong one. The rotate 180° function rotates the sequence of the points in the shape before the instruction by 180°. So, the shape itself will not change, only the sequnece of the points in it. This may help to force AspEdit to select another solution.

  • Shape: add / subtract another area or country.