AspEdit manual      Border dialog box


Add / insert / edit a border segment.



  • At least one element must be defined before the border segment in the Area dialog box.  The last point of it will be used as the starting point of the segment.

  • The filter function allows reducing the number of shapes / countries in the list. All shapes / countries which have the filter string anywhere in their name will be listed.

  • Select the shape / country in the list.

  • Define the end point.  Either use the latitude and longitude fields to enter the values separately, or use the Lat / Lon field to enter both at once.
    • Tip: use the copy / paste function: copy the coordinates from the aeronautical publication, and paste them in the Lat / Lon field.
    • See coordinate conventions for rules concerning coordinate formatting.
    • Always double check the result in the static field near the bottom.  eg. If the Lat / Lon field can't handle a separator, it may be required to paste latitude and longitude separately in the respective fields.

  • It is not required that the start and end points are located exactly on the shape, but the closer the match, the more accurate will be the result.

  • For details on the Clockwise field, see Border segments.
    After leaving the Border dialog box, check the results on the map.
    If the wrong portion of the shape is drawn, invert the selection of "Clockwise".